The place we are staying has a TV! We haven’t had a TV since Dubai, and we have a lot of movies/episodes we have wanted to watch. Those movies/episodes include: The Seven Samurai, Day One, Empire of the Sun, Monsoon, Bride and Prejudice, Slumdog Millionaire (maybe), Ran, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Pandemonium, and a 6 part documentary on China.

It’s nice having this TV right before China and Japan, because there are a lot of movies that we want to watch before going to China and Japan. China is rich with history as well as Japan, so we are going to watch some movies to get an “introduction” to those countries.

Today, we finished a movie called The Seven Samurai, that takes place in Feudal Japan (1586) when samurai were still around. A town was going to be attacked by bandits so the villagers in the town hired samurai to protect the town. The Seven Samurai is a very old movie that was made in 1954. The movie had English captions, but the language they spoke was Japanese. I really liked the movie, and it was interesting how we named the Samurai by their traits, because the names were way too complicated for us to keep track of.

Below: A TV!!!!