Bali is known for its rice terraces. The fields cover a big portion of the land and have contributed to the tourism. They are usually placed in valleys to space out the water. This way they can make things like steps to make the water level of each platform perfect. Bali has been growing rice for more than 2000 years, and has been using precisely the same method for 1000 years. It was so common back then, that there was even a goddess for it. Dewi Sri is the goddess of rice and fertility.

Today, we went to the famous Tegallalang Rice Fields. Roland (Alex’s cousin) and his wife, Andrea, and their baby, Nico, were visiting and we all went together. One of the scary parts was when we did an Irish dance on top of a small rickety bridge that said “4 people only,” and we were three kids jumping.

I also very much enjoyed the sunset. We went at a good time–when we were at the top with all the great views, the sunset just started. However, I did find all the hotels overlooking the rice fields to be a little disturbing. They blocked the view of the sunset, and interfered with the natural landscape.