Today, we walked through Ubud. We were shopping, going out to eat dinner, and doing anything else we wanted to do. We got out into the evening breeze, when it was nice and warm. We got to the main street, where we turned and continued. We pointed out things, and looked at the rivers and rice paddies.

After a while, Julien spotted a sign for a cat cafe, and I was very excited. Was it like the Catmosphere Cat Cafe in Thailand (Read my post: The Catmosphere Cat Cafe!)? There was a very very cute sign that said: CAUTION!! CUTIE CATS APPEAR. We entered and there were no guests inside. Well, of course there was an employee. But other than that, there was no one. We petted some of the cats, most of them were very fluffy. Julien also went inside, even though he is allergic to cats. He just decided to be very careful about touching his face. I have seen a lot of cats on this trip. They all seemed to be doing their own thing.

Finally, we all decided to go because we were getting hungry. We walked for a while, peeking in shops as we went. We got to a mostly vegan restauraunt. We all got smoothies, which were all delicious and looked delicious. I got an Indian plate (full of Indian food), Kieran got a poached beetroot dish, Janet got a Pumpkin Feta Salad, and Julien who got a chicken pesto sandwich. I had wanted to try Non-Indian Indian food (Indian food that was not made in India) for a while. We ate our food in deliciousness (at least I did) and then walked home.

It’s weird now eating in a restauraunt and having it taste so good. I’m guessing that is because we have been eating at home for a while. Probably, if we had been eating in restaurants still instead of eating rice and pasta at home, eating dinner at a restauraunt (like this one) wouldn’t taste as good.

Below: Rice Paddies in the evening

Below: Cat Sign


Below: Cat Cafe




Below: Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Below: Indian dish