Today we went to another worldschooling meetup. This place was called Green Kubu.

We went there early to miss traffic, so we did a lot of playing together on our own. My favorite part was when we paid for a swing which would swing you back like 5 meters off the hillside. You could look down at the plants and then swing back up. Sadly it only lasted about 3.25159265358979323846 minutes (I didn’t actually cauculate the precise time).

I also loved the game of tag we played. It started in a small area and ended throughout the whole area. I us find it kind of fun to be the tagger since I usually never get tagged. Though it’s not fun when I try to go easy, so I often like to take new routes that might be a dead end. It also gives me a way of finding new paths.

Well, that’s about it if you don’t include the 5 minutes of piggy-backing eachother at the end!