Now as we’ve traveled, we have met friends and family along the way (read Jasper’s post: Friends in a Whole Different Continent). A few days ago Alex’s cousin Roland, his wife Andrea, and their baby Nico came to stay with us. They are from Colombia but live in Singapore, which is only 1,700km away from Bali. We had a great time.

Spending time with friends or family after Tanzania, Dubai, India, Thailand, and Cambodia was such a treat. They share our passion for board games, and even brought their copy of Puerto Rico, a board game that Janet and Alex were familiar with but had not played in a long time.

One of the great things about their visit was that we didn’t really get out of the house and do anything big. We laid low, playing Puerto Rico, cooking food, playing with Nico, and taking some occasional walks. We connected and shared stories. It was a lot of fun.

Below: Andrea, Roland, and Nico Pictures