Today, we went to a beach in the northeast part of Bali called Tulamben, in an area called Amed. We woke up very early because we were going to pick up Sequoia, Ezequiel, and Rosarmy. We are also picking up Asher and his mom Sara, who we met at the last worldschooling meetup (he lives in Tacoma!).

Bali is right in the middle of the border between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. So, Sanur faces the Indian Ocean and Tulamben faces the Pacific. So, now we have swam in the Atlantic (Fuengirola, Spain), Indian (Zanzibar, Tanzania), and Pacific (Bali).

We got into the taxis and picked up everyone else. We split it into a kid’s car and a adult’s car. It was a 2 hour and 30 minute car ride, so we talked a bunch. We tried waving at the adult’s car behind us, we played 20 questions, we talked about a whole ton of stuff, etc. We occasionally took “carsick breaks.”

After what felt like a million hours, we finally got there. This beach is famous for its coral reef and for having a sunken ship on the bottom. The ship is the USS Liberty ship that sank being torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942. The ship slowly became overgrown with sea life, and then in 1963 there was a volcanic eruption that submerged it off shore.

We got there and went straight to the beach. We all put our snorkels and life jackets (or goggles) on, and we joined the rest of the group. The snorkel felt really weird because you couldn’t breathe through your nose, and when you went underwater, you would feel like you shouldn’t breathe at all.

We swam out and just saw it get deeper, until we saw a whole ton of fish that were more than a foot long! We didn’t see the bright colorful coral, it was more like a brownish tanish, but it was still amazing. When we to the ship it seemed to be more like a diving site because you were looking from above and the ship was on it’s side. Plus, it was a bit deep underwater so it was hard to even just make out its shape. But, that’s okay. There was so much to see, Angelfish, little blue fish, very big fish, and a whole ton more fish. Not to mention the coral.

We slowly swam to shore in amazement (at least I did)! It was my first time seeing colorful big fish in the ocean, and my first time seeing coral in the ocean! We drove to lunch where we had beautiful scenery, laughed, and made a bunch of funny jokes. Then it was time to split up. We drove back to Ubud, ate a quick dinner, and then went to sleep.

Below: View from one of our “carsick breaks”


Below: Us snorkeling (We don’t have pictures underwater because the camera is not waterproof)


Below: View from restraunt