For the past couple weeks, we have been playing with the idea of going to Pyramids of Chi, a wellness center of sound healing. It is an enrichining activity that people can participate in, using sound to help them let go of mental burdens that they no longer need to carry.

We wanted to try it, so we did. We didn’t really have any idea of what to expect. We got seated in the cafe, and looked around the area. There was the entrance cafe building, where we were seated, which overlooked a lawn with hills and trees. In the lawn were two big pyramids, though built recently and not ancient.

Not long after, everyone who was there for the sound healing session was called to gather around a speaker in the cafe. His name was Kevin, and he told us some information about what to do after we enter the pyramids. My mind was curious. I didn’t know what it would be like. But for some reason I just knew it would be special.

Kevin walked us down to the pyramids, where took our shoes off outside the entrance, and set our bags to the right off the door. In the center of the room were some gongs, which were to be used during the sound healing. Around the gongs and the other various tools and instruments that would create, project, and craft sound were mats, with pillows to rest our heads. We were each given little packets which felt like bean bags. They were rectangular, and would rest over our eyes during the experience. Instead of dried beans or little pellets, the black cloth was filled with “filtered volcanic sand from the sacred Mt. Batur in Bali,” probably the most famous of all the volcanoes on the island.

We sat on the mats as Kevin gave a half-an-hour long lecture about Pyramids of Chi and what the experience does. He talked about the importance of pyramids around the world. He talked about the seven chakras, centers of energy in our body. He also talked about what happens at Pyramids of Chi. The objective of the sound is to help people open up, and let go of things that they have been holding on to. He explained why vunlerability was a strength, not a weakness, and why it is healthy and important to let go of things sometimes. The pyramids heal and relax the body and the soul. The background context he gave made the upcoming experience feel even more special.

After the lecture, we did a couple exercises before we began the sound healing. We all laid on our mats and practiced letting go. We took some deep breaths, inhaling kindness, compassion, and love, and exhaling whatever we wanted to let go of. We did that several times, Kevin guiding us as we went. Just that first exercise really helped me clear my mind and be ready for the sound healing.

Kevin and his assistant started playing music as we all lay there, just listening and relaxing, letting go. There was the sound of gongs, drums, water, and even sounds that sounded like bones clattering, flutes playing, and from many other sources.

Ethereal, mythical, and timeless, is how I would describe it in three words. The music almost felt enchanting, making me forget most of my worries. I didn’t know when I was awake and when I was asleep, but the sounds were always playing in my mind. At one point, I felt like I was drifting upward, off my mat and into the top of the pyramid. My breaths were deep, long, and harmonious. I didn’t know if my hands were being rested on my chest or under it. Part of what I think made it feel like that was that I was barely moving. I was in the same position for the one hour that we were listening to the sound.

At the very end, after what seemed like 10 hours or five minutes, Kevin’s voice rang throughout the pyramid, calling the session to an end. It had felt like ages since I had heard a human voice. Even though I couldn’t see it, I know he opened the front door, flooding the room with light. He told us to sit up and stretch whenever we wanted to, or remain laying down for the next five minutes. Stretching was almost renewing, as I came from the world of relaxing music and laying down to sitting up in silence. He said that we were welcome to continue our introspection in the lawns behind the pyramids, but for now we had to leave.

I’m not completely sure what enabled this transformation, although I don’t need to know whether it was the magic of the pyramids or not. It was enough to internalize it.

Below: Pyramids of Chi pictures