On April 17th, a new Indonesian president will be elected. It’s only the 8th president, so the democracy is fairly new. There are posters everywhere saying: vote for this guy! In Indonesia, there are over 265 million people, in a whole ton of islands, with many ethnic backgrounds. So, there are a lot of different people voting.

The country is developing, the people are happy (at least a lot of them are), and the government is running well. They have also improved the East a lot. The East used to be like Tanzania and now it’s much better.

About 85% of Indonesia is Islamic. If you look at many other Islamic countries, they don’t have a democracy. Syria is in civil war; Morocco, UAE, Brunei, Saudi Arabia and many others are ruled by monarchs; Iran is ruled by a Theocracy; and Egypt and Pakistan are under military rule. As you can see, there are a lot of Islamic countries that have not yet made a democracy work.

I hope that this election will bring happiness to the people.

Below: Election Signs