At Green Kubu (read Kieran’s post: Fun at Green Kubu!), we met a boy named Asher and his family, and they’re from Tacoma! Tacoma is a city that is right next to Seattle. They are kind of meshed together. They share an airport, and on a map it kind of looks like one big city.

Yesterday we invited Ezequiel, Sequoia, Asher, and Asher’s 3-year-old little sister Hazel over for a playdate. We made our own cards and played a game called Monikers, we ate pizza for dinner, and had a lot of fun. Nobody was really in the mood for swimming in the pool, so we just stayed inside. We watched a documentary on China. Over the past few days, we have used the TV that we have in our place (read Jasper’s post; A TV!) to watch films (and documentaries), on China and Japan, our next upcoming destinations after Bali. I really recommend the one we are watching. It is called The Story of China: With Michael Wood. There are six episodes, each of which talks about a period in Chinese history.

After the playdate, Ezequiel and Sequoia stayed the night for a sleepover.

The next morning, we ate breakfast with Ezequiel and Sequoia, and then they had to leave. But we would see them later that day, at Titi Batu, for our last worldschooling meetup. The number of days that we have left in Bali is shrinking. Six, five, four, and now only three more days!

We arrived at Titi Batu (our favorite worldschooling destination) and began swimming. We probably swam and played with other kids for four to five hours straight. It was a lot of exercise. We played many games. jumping off the bridge into the water, pushing each other off the huge floating bean bag in the water, and much more.

So much fun comes with every Tuesday night (date of weekly worldschooling meetup). I have loved making friends in Bali. But we only have three more days.

Below: Sleepover Pictures