Today, we said a final goodbye to Sequoia, Ezequiel, and Rosarmy. We met at a Sari Api (read Kieran’s post: Playing Around With Pottery). Sari Api is a ceramics studio, and we were going to show them it. It would also be our last time seeing them. We might cross paths again, but this would be our last time seeing them on our world trip.

We went to Sari Api together, and started playing with clay. We also got time on the pottery wheel, which was great. When we were not doing pottery on the wheel, we made other clay things. I made a bunch of geometrical shapes, Julien made a bunch of emoji balls, Kieran made a shield army and a catapult that has little spherical soldiers, Sequoia did many things, and Ezequiel just tested and played with the tools.

We all got a turn on the wheel, and without instructions, it was very difficult. All the things I tried to make either collapsed on themselves, were too tall that I couldn’t stick my hand down far enough to spread it out (which lead to it closing in on itself), or started to droop. None of us got successful except for Kieran, who with a little help, made a well functioning shallow bowl. We painted that bowl together, and let it stay with Sequoia and Ezequiel because we wouldn’t have time to pick it up once it was fired (we are staying here for 2 more nights).

We went to the Pyramids of Chi to get a shuttle back, and to say goodbye. Daniel (Sequoia and Ezequiel’s dad) is a gong master (read Julien’s post: Timeless Sound Healing), so it was a pretty good place to say goodbye. They gave us three sound healing crystals and a card that we opened when we got home.

We got home and looked at our crystals. Kieran’s was a little black (or very very very very dark green) stone, which was convenient because Kieran in Irish is “Little Dark One.” I got a crystal made of something that I think is jade, and Julien got a crystal that I think is turquiose.

It’s nice having something to remember Sequoia and Ezequiel by. I hope they have a safe time in Bali.

Below: Us at Pyramids of Chi

Below: All of us squashed in the car on the way to Sari Api

Below: all of us using clay