Today, we hiked up Mt. Batur.

Janet and Alex woke us up at 3AM to head out the door. I woke up, rubbed my eyes, got out of bed, and waited for the others. I was very surprisingly not sleepy or tired, I was happy and active! When we had all gotten ourselves together, we headed out the door to the taxi. After one hour of driving (felt like 15 minutes), we found our guide and started the trek.

It was going to be 2 hours of uphill hiking, so I thought I was going to get very tired, very quickly. Even though I did get tired, it was farther in than I expected.

Even though I was tired, the scenery cheered me up. Nearing the end, we got to see sun’s glare and two peaks from the rim of the caldera which was beautiful. Also, for the most part it was dark, so we enjoyed shining our flashlights on the varying crops.

When we finally reached the top, sunrise was about to begin. We hung around and ate the small breakfast that was served. Then the sunrise began. A big glowing ball arose from the clouds and shined over the whole universe (well… maybe not the whoooole big universe). It was gorgeous.

When the sun had risen, (6AM!) we wanted to check out a little area of steam. It turns out Mt. Batur is an active volcano, so there is steam from molten lava (you can’t touch it or anything, you can just see the steam rising from the ground). And when you blow an incensce stick (read Alex’s blog: a blessing to the gods) or cigarete embers at the steam, it triples in power.

We quickly went down the bottom, took a shortcut, and drove down the rest. Of course, the small breakfast at 6AM was not enough so they provided a bigger selection at another place. This place was incredible!!! They served a lot, from pineapple to Nasi Goreng and make-your own omelete to black rice pudding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the setting was also outstanding, hanging of a hillside looking over the caldera!