Now that we have left Bali, I want to explain what we did and what I liked and disliked. We did many things from a hike at 3:00 in the morning to snorkeling for my very first time. I have enjoyed my time in Bali a lot, but now that time is up. Because we didn’t just peek in there and then hop out, I feel like I really got a sense of Ubud.

We stayed in 3 places in Bali: Sari Bungalows, Metteya Guesthouse, and Uma Soca Villa. Sari Bungalows was a nice place to settle in. A bit cramped, but okay. They had an average sized pool. Metteya guesthouse was a lot more spacious, and their breakfasts were mind blowing! They also had a slightly smaller pool (No Problemo). Then there was Uma Soca Villa. MIND BLOWING! There was a humongous pool (private!), a private kitchen, three rooms, and just utterly beautiful. I felt that we got a wee bit too fancy with that place. I liked them all, but Uma Soca the most (no offense Metteya guesthouse and Sari Bungalows).

There are many thing I love about Bali, one of those is the nature (read my post: Bali’s Flora and Fauna). We have seen many things here that have nature including the rice paddies, the Ridge Walk, and Mt. Batur. There wasn’t just nature in the destinations we went to, there was nature all around us! When we walked to the Elephant, a restaurant, (read Julien’s blog: What Makes Bali Feel So Special) there was nature all around us. Even when we were not trying to look for nature, it appeared right in front of us.

While we were in Bali we experienced a three day Balinese new year including the Ogoh-Ogoh parade, a festival in which they burn all the evil spirits, and Nyepi, the day of silence. The Ogoh-Ogoh parade was the day I was squashed like a pancake because the statues/figures that represent the evil spirits are big and they are moving down the streets. Nyepi is the day of forgiveness, where you ask for forgiveness for what you have done wrong and forgive others.

When we were in Bali, we also went to worldschooling meetups. We met the Loucases there but then they went to Thailand, and we also met Rowan who left also. Later, we met Sequoia and Ezequiel, who we played with a lot. They were living here for at least a year, so we would leave them (read my post: A Final Goodbye).

I loved the whole of Bali, and I’m very happy we went there (especially Ubud). I want to say goodbye to all of it now, the adventures, the places we stayed, the nature, the friends we met, and, finally, the little town of Ubud that brought me joy.