Bali is the place I have the most feelings about leaving. So many memories. Memories of trips around the island, memories of fun times. Also, just so many friends. Rowan, Dylan, Pepper, Smith, Ezequiel, Sequoia, Asher, and Hazel. That’s eight other kids that we hung out with. And we had to leave them all behind. I don’t know which ones we will see again, and others that were just a one-time fun friendship while worldschooling.

Bali was so relaxing (read my other post: What makes Bali Feel so Special) and because of that we have a deeper connection with it. I have gotten so used to the Balinese way of life, language, food, and culture all around me every time I wake up in my Balinese bed. Just like Tanzania, as I got on the plane, I felt like a part of me was being left behind there. I am most sure that I will make the effort to visit Bali again. Though another thing that was so memorable was the change. Bali will be different when I return, if I return. Tourism is changing the island, Ubud especially.

As we took off, I remembered so many things. All of our friends that we spent time with inside and outside of the worldschooling meetups. Worshipping Arnold the sacred cow, going to Sanur, Dewa and Ketut driving us around the island, Tulamben and Denpasar, where we watched Captain Marvel with Pepper and Smith. Playing with Eziquiel and Seqouia at Titi Batu. Wonderful airbnbs where we cooked our own food and had movie nights. At Sari Bungalows and Metteyya, they even served us amazing breakfasts with tropical fruit salads and tomato-cheese jaffles. Productive schoolwork time every day (though not on Nyepi). My mind went to the day of silence, on which we contemplated and meditated, and then to the night before, with the Ogoh Ogoh parade, where the people destroyed the evil spirits, waving the statues in the air.

There is the beautiful: the sound healing, the cacao ceremony, the New Age religion, the Kecak dance, the hike up Mount Batur, and the Balinese Hinduism. There is the fun: the walkabouts around Ubud, the pottery classes, and the sleepover with friends. There is the not so fun: the heat, humidity, ants, and mosquitos. There is the historical: the temples and Majapahit history. There is the culinary: Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Gado Gado, Ayam, as well as rambutan, mangosteens, and snakeskin fruit. Bali has pretty much everything anybody could want.

I think that when I arrive in Hong Kong, I won’t be in shock because I’m in Hong Kong, but because I’m not in Bali. I will miss Bali. But I know I will enjoy Hong Kong.

Below: A Farewell Poster at the Airport in Denpasar