Today was our first day in Hong Kong. Yesterday, we flew in with very much turbulence. Today, we “explored” Hong Kong. Well, not exactly explored, we just went to a family center. We were meeting an old friend of Alex’s, Esther (and her husband, Christian, and her two children Mark and Kai).

We got into a taxi and got to the “mall” that the family center was at. It was crazy! There was a beach. We went up the elevator and the floor had blue cooking oil “in it” and when you pressed on the floor of the elevator the oil in the floor would move around.

We got to the floor, and entered the family center. There was everything! A giant magnetic scrabble board, a book reading station, a Play-Doh station, a lego station, a train track station, and a giant play area. We started with the play area. It was so amazing. It had a ball pit, a “cannon” that shoots foam balls, and a giant jungle gym. We played around with Mark and Kai. We mostly just threw balls around. I laid in the ball pit for a while.

We took a break to eat lunch and I got a noodle soup with daikon (Chinese radish), mushroom, and lettuce. Then Kieran and I got an epically delicious banana split together. We ate our banana split, played for 200 more hours, and then Esther had to leave. She hosted and even paid for the whole thing.

Once Mark and Kai were gone, we looked at the stations. We started with a game of Scrabble. After a little while we got bored and moved onto the next station, which was legos. These legos were gigantic and almost a foot long! We made a skyscraper for our invisible village. Our goal was to make it as tall as we could get and still look pretty. We made legos stick out and stack up for support and beauty. We moved on to the next station which was those wooden train tracks. We quickly made a little track and finished it up. Then we read some books and went home.

And here is my Conclusion… OMG Hong Kong!!!

Below: Foosball!

Below: Other



Below: Play AreaBelow: Lego Skyscraper (Idea of how we made it)