Yesterday, we visited the Hong Kong History Museum (read Kieran’s post: A History of Hong Kong), the first of the three museums we will be seeing here in Hong Kong. Today we went to the Space Museum. We bought tickets for a Story of our Earth show, and then went to see the museum.

They had sections of the museum dedicated to astronauts, gravity, our solar system, the far reaches of space, different types of rockets, and much more. It was mostly interactive. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was as interactive or as fun as the museum in Switzerland (read my other post: Science and Cookies). There were some fun exibits on magnets, such as a suitcase that you could pick up, but then the magnets inside the case and the magnets on the exibit would interact and make it so that you could only move the suitcase in certain ways. There was even a thing in which they would weigh you, and then you could sit in a chair and feel what it would be like for you to jump around on the moon. Sadly I was too young to do it.

There were other fun things. You could ride a stationary bike and then on a screen your speed would slowly accelerate to the speed of light. There was stuff on what it was like to live in a space station, and a room that made you feel like you were drifting around a space station.

There was lots of cool stuff. And that’s just about it.

Below: Museum Pictures