Today, we went to the Hong Kong Science Museum. I was very excited because the science museum is interactive, and I love interactive science museums. I loved the science museum in Switzerland, and it was interactive. There were many topics to explore, and they had so many interactive stations to look at.

One of my favorite parts of today’s museum was a gallery that included a lot about wind, and the physics that go into that. I also really liked a section on puzzles and illusions. There was also an “exhibit” that was a giant “ball track,” that had a lot of physics and when a ball moved another ball would move, and then it would go on a slightly different track all while preserving energy.

It almost felt like the museum was alive with so much going on. It was way different then the Hong Kong History Museum, which was right next door. I think I liked the science museum in Switzerland a bit more, but they are both great!

Below: Mirror Illusions and puzzles