Today, we went to a peak in Hong Kong to get a view of the city. We finally reached the line for the tram after riding the bus and taking the ferry. We got into the line and I looked at the approximate wait sign. Seriously!!!!!! 1 hour!!!!! Ugggggggh. So we waited for an hour. But that was to get tickets. Suprise!!! Thirty more minutes till we actually get on the tram. We reached it and it was kind of scary!!! It goes at a 45° angle!!!! It was creepy, but fun. Then we got off at the view. It was very scenic with the tall buildings and the water.

During World War II, the Japanese conquered Hong Kong from the British. The British took their last stand here on Victoria peak. Hong Kong has grown so rapidly then. It was a small town back then. Now it is one of the biggest cities in the world.

From then we wandered around the area and got a couple of snacks.