Today, we flew to Beijing. We woke up at 5am to get on our flight to Beijing. Our flight was at 1pm, though we were going to see a giant buddha statue and we had to pack (which altogether takes a while). It turned out the giant buddha opened at 10am, so we wouldn’t have time. We went to sleep again, got out the door, got to the airport, and then go on the airplane.

The plane was very big. It had more that 70 rows, and each row had eight seats (instead of six). It was also very fancy. They had a billion different movies (for free), headphones (for free), optional pillows (for free), a lunch service (for free), and foot rests. It was similiar to flying into Hong Kong, where we had a lot of turbuence.

We finally got to Beijing, got into a very long immigration line, got out of the airport and got to our place after dark. We were all very tired and wanted to flop in bed. Our place is as tiny as Hong Kong but so much more cozy. The place was very quirky. The kitchen also had the washing machine and drying rack, and there was a sink in the hallway. I’m not saying I didn’t like that, it’s just sort of weird. The place itself had a lot of yellow and red. There are so many dainty decorations. We settled in, and the went to bed.

I am very excited to explore the whole of Beijing.

Below: Us driving to our place

Below: Us getting every chance to sleep (even on the sidewalk)


Below: Our place