440,000 square meters… the Tian’amen Square. Tian’amen Square is one of the most impressive squares I have ever seen. It has been caculated to be 440,000 square meters, making it one of the largest city squares in the whole wide world.

It now has tons of security posts because of the 1989 Tian’amen Square revolution. In early June of 1989, thousands of students protested for democracy inside Tian’amen Square. A couple of days later, the Chinese military came and arrested some, and even killed others. It is not talked about in China and and you are not supposed to annouce about it loudly in public. I can not learn too much on the internet about it while in China, because the Chinese goverment blocks some things on the internet including lots of things on Tian’amen Square, and the Tian’amen Square Massacre. So there are bag checks and X-rays everywhere to enter Tian’amen Square.