Beijing is a very interesting city. It’s a gigantic city with so much to explore, and has been the capital of China for a while. Beijing holds many great historical wonders including The Forbidden Palace, The Summer Palace, The Great Wall, The Temple of Heaven, and Tiananmen Square. As time went on to today, they built many government buildings around Tiananmen Square.

Beijing also has a lot of pollution. Every time I breathe in, I can feel a wee little smoke go down my throat. Also, there is never a clear blue sky in Beijing. Well, of course there is a blue sky, though it’s not a clear blue sky. It’s full of pollution for 2 reasons: First, there are a lot of factories around Beijing that create pollution. Second, Beijing is surrounded by mountains so the pollution gets stuck in Beijing. I’m not trying to point out that Beijing is a bad city because of its pollution.

The city is also very big. The city is built with concentric circles going out, which helps the city be a bit more tidy. The subway system is impossibly big. It takes like 30 minutes on the subway station just to get halfway around the first concentric circle, and there are three of them. We haven’t even gone outside the first circle!

In the next few days we are going to hike the Great Wall and see the Forbidden Palace, both of which I don’t know much about. I’m really excited to go to Japan in the next few days, but at the same time I can feel how much I’ll miss this little apartment we are staying in.

Below: Pollution


Below: Subway System