This postcard to Cats Exclusive was written on an utterly fantastic afternoon to self, wandering the hutong in Beijing that we had walked through all-too-quickly a day previously. I bought some laser-cut paper cards…acquired a piece of luxurious gift-wrap paper from a teashop (for free! because the day before, we’d bought chyrsanthemum tea for David!) to use in our next country, Japan, for folding paper cranes…and finally wound up in a cafe-coffeeshop surrounded by tourists and expats. The tourists at the table next to me were discussing the fact that the latest episode of Game of Thrones was going to be shown on a big screen at a bar that very night. I was tempted to scurry home and see if Alex wanted to go with me, but concluded that that would be packing too much in to an already jam-packed Beijing itinerary.

Still so very, very thrilled that Beijing was a part of our year.