Today, we flew into Japan. We got our packs ready in the early morning, got to the airport, and got on the plane. We went to sleep because when we got to Tokyo we would have a 7 hour layover in Tokyo, where we would see an interactive light museum. We landed and got to the light museum.

The light museum was very dark inside, but then we found a flourish of light showing flowers. Light covered the room, and the room was full of mirrors so it seemed as if the flowers went on forever repeatedly. The flowers were dancing all over and it was so mesmerizing.

We moved through many of the rooms showing similar places until we got to a light waterfall. The light was projecting a pattern and color that looked much like water, and when you sat down it sensed that there was something there so it made it look like the water went around you. It was so neat and fun to watch when I stood up the water would slowly refill the spot where I was sitting. We moved on through some really neat light shows and finally got to one called The Cave. The Cave was a cave but it had lights showing on the walls, floor, and ceiling so it almost seemed like you were in outer space with a bunch of nebula stuff going on.

After that we went on into the more interactive stuff. There was a little jungle gym thing that had light around it, there was a slide that had light, and a whole ton more lights stuff. We waited in line for something where you would jump and it would sense you jumping and it would go through the “phases of a star.” It started out as a tiny nebula that went into a small planet, that went into a big planet, that imploded and then exploded into a gigantic nebula, and out of that nebula came a black hole that ate up the whole trampoline (all performed with lights). Julien and Kieran thought it was overrated, but I thought it was great.

We finally finished and got on a plane to Hiroshima. We got there at like 10pm, we hauled our backpacks to the subway station and then to our house, and by then it was midnight. Our place was amazing. It was very Japanese. The toilet was very special. There is a wash your butt button that sprays water onto your butt, and there is an air dryer on the toilet. The toilet seat was also heated. The area is so open with so many sliding doors. I am very excited to explore Japan.