Today, we went to a island near Hiroshima called Miyajima, which houses the Itsukushima Shrine.

We took the train to the ferry to bring us to the island, and the ride to the ferry was beautiful. In the distance you could see mountains, and trees, and valleys, and even a river (or creek). And on the other side one mountain with houses going up, and a big white church.

We tend to take a lot of public transportation here because it is quite efficent, and not as expensive as a taxi. Also, we don’t have to take the trouble of bringing wifi to call a grab taxi, or the trouble of walking around to find a taxi.

We got off the train and walked to the ferry. I expected the ferry to be maybe 30 minutes but, it was at most only 10! On the way over, we saw some oyster traps. Hiroshima is known for its oysters, and it is not rare to find them being sold to you in buns or just cracked right at the counter (of course I am vegetarian, so I did not have them).

Then we went to the shrine. Back then when they built the gate for the shrine, the island was considered a god, so they didn’t want to build on the god, so they would work on it during high tide in the shallow waters, so it would not be physically touching the island. The gate is out in water during high tide.

The shrine was rebuilt multiple times, the original during the 6th century CE. The version that stands today was built during the 1800’s CE.

After we went through the shrine, low tide had started, so we could walk out onto the beach. On the beach there were lots of shells and almost every shell had a creature in it. We also saw lots of parts of oyster shells, and little fishes swimming.

When we finished viewing the beach, we wanted to take a little hike. I found one of the most interesting things was the deer. They were almost tame. Though it was difficult to get that close if you didn’t have food. It also wasn’t uncommon to see deer poop on the path.

But the best part of the hike was the view. You got a view of the little town on the island, the inlet, and part of Hiroshima. And the trees and the leaves off the side of the path also added a lot.