Sushi is amazing. Back at home we loved these little rice and seaweed snacks, and we still do. Japan has amazing sushi, and has all types of it. We have a supermarket nearby our house here in Hiroshima, and we go there for dinner every night.

We don’t need to go to a restaurant, because the sushi at the grocery store is already so yummy. Plus, there’s even a yummy dessert place right next to the supermarket in the mall. We don’t only get sushi there, because it’s extremely big. It’s like when we went from Tanzania to Dubai except a little less extreme (read Julien’s post: Where are We?). One of the most exciting things is: YOU CAN DRINK FROM THE TAP!

Also, it’s very cheap compared to restaurants because in restaurants you pay for the space you’re in and in a grocery store it’s not like they make the area all pretty for you to eat there (they don’t even really expect you to eat there). We don’t just get sushi there, we get our everyday food.

Eating from a Japanese supermarket seems to be the cheap, easy, yummy, and economical way to go.

Below: Supermarket

Below: Sushi dinner (at home)