Today I would like to talk about Japan, and how it is so different and similar to the rest of the places we have been to, and just how Japan is so awesome!!!!

First of all.. you can drink out of the tap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have not been able to drink out of the tap since Dubai, and before that, Germany!!!!! I still think that it is a little bit rude for me to go to the bathroom, cup my hands and start shoving water into my mouth because, the Japanese are very clean and tidy, and second, in the US you do not go to a bathroom and start drinking water out of the sink.

Second, the food is amazing. We have been eating sushi from the grocery store, since we came to Japan and I don’t think I will get tired of it for a billion years! Back in Seattle it would be special for us to have a sushi lunch or dinner, but here we do it almost every day.

I also like the onsen. The onsen is like a hot tub, but it is more like a tub in which the water that gets poured into the tub is already hot, rather than heating the water that has already been put into the tub. It also has a whole bunch of functions like lights on the bottom and water jets that make bubbles.

One thing I learned is that Japan is full of animal cafes! So we are planning to go to a reptile one, and thinking about an owl one, and there is also a dog one in the area! I am very excited to go to them and I have enjoyed the ones in the past.

This is also our first day in Osaka, and we decided to take the subway to a huge, 5-story indoor kid play area. It had a tremendous town which took up a whole two stories, a whole station dedicated to sound, 2 dress-up stations, an area for building small structures from plastic bricks and a little area related to water! It was really fun and near the end we played hide-and-seek and some of us found pretty nifty spots like in a little remote tower, and under a tiny bridge.