Today, we went to the Osaka Castle. The castle is a big beautiful wooden building surrounded by walls and a moat. It went through much history and fighting. It was first built in the late 1500s by Toyotomi to be one of the great castles in his era. Though, during the early 1600s the Tokugawa Shogunate took it over. Today, you can see the rebuilt building, but the old walls still stand.

Inside the castle there is a museum, and in it it shows an old painting of the summer war (the war between the Toyotomis and the Tokugawas). But, today they made a recreation of painting with little figurines (though it only showed a tiny portion of it because the painting was really big).

I think the Osaka castle is extremely impressive. I really enjoy the main building with its roofs that go up and up and up with fish on the tips of the roofs. It reminds me the slightest bit of the London Tower with the moat and walls. It’s also really big and almost like a park with trees and plants everywhere.

Below: Osaka Castle Main Building Outside



Below: Osaka Castle Nature




Below: Recreation of Painting

Below: Picture of Painting (not allowed to take picture of actual painting)