These last few days we have been so active. Day after day we tire our legs and feet until we can walk no more. But we have seen some extraordinary things. Most of this activity has been in China and Japan, so we got to see incredible ancient things from ancient Chinese and Japanese periods.

Yesterday we traveled to Kyoto and had one of those extra busy days I was just talking about. Tomorrow we will once again go to Kyoto, and see some other famous sites there. But today we took a break. We were really in need of a rest day. We got to sleep in. It felt really good to be slowly en2joying breakfast instead of riding a train to Kyoto.

After Tian an men Square, The Lama Temple, The Temple of Confucius, The Temple of Heaven, The Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China, Miyajima, The Hiroshima Peace Memorial, The Osaka Castle, and a whole bunch of Shinto temples in Kyoto, I needed a break.

I took some deep breaths, knowing that we would be back on track with our busy days tomorrow. It was just great. I needed a break.

Below: A Busy Market