Today, we went to Kyoto again (Read Kieran’s Post: The Temples of Kyoto). We started with going to Nijō Castle, a castle built and finished in the very early 1600s (1601-1603 CE) It first started as more of a castle and then was partially burnt down and rebuilt as an Imperial Villa. It was built for the shogan (the military leader), and they held important meetings there. In the Western ideas, a castle is built like the London tower with defensive walls and doesn’t have as much of an emphasis on beauty. Whereas in Asia, castles have beautifully painted walls and have a lot of gardens. I really liked the bamboo floors of the rooms, and it was clever how they added a system underneath the floor that made the floors creak so someone couldn’t just walk in unnoticed and kill the Shogun. Although, it isn’t as impressive as the Osaka Castle with military defenses (the walls are shorter, the moat is smaller, etc.).

Next we went to the Golden Pavilion or Kinkaku-ji. After a while in the burning sun we finally got there. Well, I would say, it was overrated. It was just a Japanese style house plated in thin sheets of gold with a pretty garden. The Silver Pavilion was way better. After that we ate lunch at a delicous udon place with exquisite food. We ate our udon deliciously and went home.

Below: Nijō Castle

Below: Golden Pavilion


Below: Delicious Udon Dinner

Below: “The Ultimate Dining Experience” Quoted By Julien