I want a starting sentence that does not start with, “Today…”

Nara is another city similar to Kyoto but not as famous. It is most famous for its deer park, and its only half the time by train!

The first thing we did when we reached Nara was to scurry to the deer park. You are allowed to feed the deer, but only with these special no-sugar crackers that they sell all over the place! We got grabbed a packet of the crackers from the stand right next to us and started feeding! The deer here are known for bowing for crackers. I tried and it worked. It would first bow, I would give it a cracker, and then it would bow again asking for another.

We were short on time, so we trotted over to another place near our next destination. We started on feeding, and then, out of trees, a deer charged for my crackers. I dropped all of my crackers at once in surprise, and ran a couple feet away. It bumped me in the hip and scared all of us! We quickly got one of my crackers and walked away from that area.

After feeding the deer, we headed over to a temple. This temple is said to contain the biggest bronze statue of the Buddha. This also made it the biggest wooden building for more than a millenia, until some wooden Japanese stadiums beat the record. I walked in, and it was tremendous. Janet told us that they once x-rayed it and found some treasures in the knee. We did a lot of walking around the garden and had a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!