Yesterday, to sum it all up, was bonkers. We are now all pretty jetlagged and dizzy from going “back in time” by crossing the international date line, and we have to wake up earlier and earlier to get used to the time because we need to do our standardized tests. Today, we chilled and did school work until… Beach Time! We all got to the beach and played around in the shallow water on our boogie boards (got from the garage at our house) until… Kaboom! I boogie boarded extremely far, did a somersault in the water, and went thunk in the sand.

Ok, these are twice as big as the average Fuengirola waves on a good day (read Kieran’s post: The Waves!). I had sand covering my hair. I decided to leave my boogie board alone, because I didn’t need it and it was one more thing to keep track of. It was so fun! I went again. There were some calm waves that I just floated with, and then, a big wave was coming. Runnnnnnnn!!!!! But I couldn’t run because the big wave was drawing in water like a little tsunami, and it was pulling me in. I tumbled through the sand. That was so fun!!!!

We kept on going until the waves got stronger. When you looked right in front of you as a big wave has gathered enough water and is ready to collapse, you can see a wall of water going 6 feet high! We decided to be done with the waves, and we built a hole.

The sand was great for digging, and we never reached ground water (unlike any other beach). So our hole was about 2 1/2 feet deep, and Julien had to stick his head into the pit to keep on digging. After a while of building walls to keep the water from reaching the pit, we decided to cover it up. We danced around the hole, ran toward it, and plowed sand into it.

That was the end of beach time. We got to the showers and rinsed (showers across the street), but the water was freezing, so we decided to do a full shower back home. I got in the warm shower, washed my body, and then washed my hair. But sand just kept on coming out of my hair. I pulled and scraped and scrubbed. WHY ISN’T IT COMING OUT OF MY HAIR?!!! There was just too much sand to get it all out. We finally got most of it out and went to bed.