Today, we took a whole ton of layovers to get to Mexico, Ixtapa. But that’s not what I’m going to talk about. I’m talking about teacher appreciation week and our lovely teachers, who are also our parents.

It’s nice having my mom teach me vocabulary, and my dad teach me history. Well, it feels a bit weird, but not too weird. We also teach ourselves, with some help of course (read our Curriculum page for more information). I really love just being able to do school work at my own pace and have our parents pitch in whenever we need help.

I really like how I can talk with my teachers/parents about my problems and ideas outside of school work. I also feel like they know what is going on really well, because they’re my parents. I’m not saying that my teachers back at home are bad at understanding, but they just don’t have a family connection with me.

I want to wrap up this blog post by saying that my teachers/parents are great at schooling me, while having to juggle planning for where we are going to go and where to stay.

Below: Posing in a classroom on the USS Missouri a couple of days ago