Yesterday, we began flying to Ixtapa, Mexico for Brian’s birthday. The flights would take a long time, so it ended up taking a whole 24 hours over two days to reach our destination. It took three flights, and by the end we were got very tired. It also ended up that Angie, Brian, and some other people who came were on one of the same flights too!!! On our last flight, we took a hopper, which has only 11 rows. These planes were so small, so ear pressure came up more often. I had terrible ear pressure that it felt like my head was going to blow up!!!

When we arrived, we headed in a van to reach our place. We were with everyone, all 12 of us, except two people who will be coming tomorow. Lunch arrived soon. The food was wonderful and delicious, with an assortment of rice, beans, tortillas, and tacos!!!

Even though we were full and tired after the flight and food, we managed to get a couple hours of pool time in!!! It was fun, and we played a whole bunch of water games we really liked. My favorite was Catch the Googles. One person would donate their googles, he would throw them into the water, and then the other two would race for them!!!