Today we just chilled. We are joining Angie and Brian, Lisa, Joe, Harsha, and Bhoomi (friends of Angie and Brian), Anthony and Monica (Brian’s brother and his girlfriend), and Ms. Gibson (Brian’s mother) to celebrate Brian’s 50th birthday at a wonderful airbnb in Ixtapa, Mexico.

My daily routine every single day goes something like this:

Wake Up

Eat Breakfast

Swim in Pool

Eat Lunch

Relax and Hang Out

Eat Dinner

Go to Sleep

That is pretty much my entire itinerary for the three full days we relax in Mexico.

We have long discussions during each meal we eat together, just slowly and mellowly eating the amazing Mexican food that is served to us every day. The table is laid with models of pretty shells and an absolutely gorgeous tablecloth. And there are so many interesting people that I have met here.

I am just so grateful to Angie and Brian for hosting us in this amazing space to celebrate an important event.

We just write the blogs we need to write and read for fun. That is the only schoolwork we do in Mexico. We Just Chill.

Below: Pool Pictures