We have left Asia and have reached our Americas stretch and I want to share a memory of each city in Asia. My time in Asia changed a lot from country to country, and I am very excited for our Americas stretch, for we have only had a taste of it.

Dubai – I look around me at the giant buildings reaching all the way to the sky

New Delhi – There are Tuk-Tuks honking and driving quickly as my tummy sloshes back and forth

Agra – I walk in the dewy morning to the splendid Taj Mahal hidden in fog

Varanasi – I watch as they cremate the bodies of the enlightened and achieve Moksha at the Ghats

Chiang Mai – The peaceful enviroment calms my body as I prepare to meditate

Siem Reap/Angkor – I look in detail at the beautifully laid columns of the once great city of Angkor

Ubud – Rice paddies are sprawling everywhere with thought put into everything

Tulamben – I swim above colorful fish as I had never done before

Hong Kong – I look down from Victoria Peak at the city, thinking about the intense defenses the British had against the Jap1anese

Beijing – It was the capital of the Chinese for so long and has so many treasures and palaces

Tokyo – I look around at a totally different space, full of confusion, as we enter a wave of lights

Hiroshima – In our little house we get all snuggly and enjoy the space we have

Miyajima – We hike up a trail with shrines along the way as we make our way to the view

Osaka – I gobble up all the sushi on my plate and look for more

Kyoto – We walk along the Philosopher’s Path stoping at shrines along the way

Nara – Deer roam the park as spirits of the forest while we make our way to the biggest bronze Buddha in the world