Mothers play a huge role in everybody’s life and upbringing. Today, on Mother’s Day, we looked back to all the things that our mother has done for us. Here are things that I appreciate about Janet:

She is very Flexible. Janet can always adapt, even if it means giving basically all of her clothing to three freezing children at the Temple of Heaven.

She is Hardworking. She is diligent and loving in all the domestic labor she does around the house. She does the laundry, cooks many meals, and basically every single other thing a mother could do for her family.

She is Loving. I know that she loves us. The way she acts and speaks always has love and kindness threaded into it.

She puts Others before Herself. Janet is most often looking out for the needs of others. She always makes sure we get enough to eat before even letting herself have a bite.

She is Respectful. She knows our needs and takes them into consideration at all times. She respects our space and makes us feel safe and comfortable.

I am so grateful to have a mother who posseses all those traits: being flexible, loving, and respectful in the way she works and puts others before herself. I love my mother. Happy Mother’s Day!

Below: Mother’s Day cards from Jasper and Kieran