I would like to share one memorie from each city in Asia we went to.
Dubai: the striking height of the tallest building in the world

New Delhi: the stench of garbage lingering throughout the streets

Agra: the view of the Taj Mahal through the thick fog

Varanasi: sketching the bridges on the Ganges

Chiang Mai: the peaceful hikes through the woods of Thailand

Siem Reap: the wind on my face driving on the tuk-tuk

Angkor: the old stones of Angkor Thom constructing a magnificent masterpiece

Ubud: the endless plains of rice streching for miles & miles

Sanur: revisiting Magic the Gathering in a house in Bali

Denpasar: confusing myself in an illusion museum

Tulamben: swimming right under the fish of the Pacific

Hong Kong: staring up at the buildings of a metropolis

Bejing: freezing to death in the Forbidden City

Tokyo: watching the glittering lights float around a room

Hiroshima: eating sushi after visiting the Peace Memorial

Miyajima: hiking up the mountain over the Itsukushima Shrine

Osaka: feeling lizards crawl up my arm

Kyoto: staring out at the sunset under a torii gate

Nara: petting the deer in the Deer Park