A few days ago, we got to travel through Mexico City on our way to Ixtapa, to enjoy a three day vacation to celebrate Brian’s birthday. After Ixtapa, we returned to Mexico City for one night to see the great Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, and to learn about Aztec culture and history. We landed in Mexico City around noon from Ixtapa. Tomorrow we will wake up early to see the pyramid.

Mexico City was a lot to take in. From the airport we took a 15 minute metro ride, an hour and a half bus ride, and then a 20 minute walk in the hot and dry Mexican afternoon sun. Mexico City is hot and dry, opposed to Bali’s hot and humid. In fact, I barely sweat on the walk because it was so dry. I made sure to hydrate myself at our house.

And the house was amazing! So much space and so comfortable too. The fact that there was no AC was okay thanks to the cool breeze that flowed through the lovely home if we opened the windows. It was a pity that we only got to stay there for one night.

That night, we watched a documentary on Aztec history. It helped so much. For me, Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas kind of all blended together. Now the each of them has a sort of special significance. Mostly the Mayans and Aztecs. Before we actually left on our trip, we went to the Yucatan sort of as a test run. There we learned about the Mayans. Now, in Mexico City, we are learning about the Aztecs. And once we get to Peru we will learn about the Incas and my hunger for the knowledge and understanding of the three great Meso-American civilizations will be satisfied.

For me, travel days make some of the most interesting days of our trip. We have to leave behind the past location, but move on to immerse ourselves in the new environment that awaits us!

Below: Travel Pictures