Today is our last day in Mexico, and we went to Teotihuacan, a city shrouded in mystery. It is thought to be built around 100 CE, but we don’t who built it. We woke up early, and slowly scooted out the door because if it gets too late in the morning it gets really hot.

We got to Teotihuacan and walked through the almost 2000 year old city. It was thought by the Aztecs to be where the sun was born and the Aztecs found it in ruins. There are 2 main pyramids: The Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. We walked through the city and finally got to the 65 meter tall Pyramid of the Sun. After climbing up 248 steps to get to the top of the it, we looked down on the view of Teotihuacan. There are a whole ton of mini pyramids only about 2 meters high lining a road that ends at the Pyramid of the Moon. It is all perfectly laid out. I stared in awe at Teotihuacan for a little while, then we slowly went down the pyramid in the blazing sun.

We trotted around until we got tired and went home. We had our bags all packed because we were going to the airport and our flight was at 2am the next day (we checked out early in the morning). We took a bus and then a metro to the airport. We walked around the airport looking for a place to rest until midnight. We found a fast food Carl’s Jr restaurant where we stayed for about 5 hours. I think we broke the world record for longest time in a Carl’s Jr. We finally got to our gate and took a flight to Bogota.

Below: Teotihuacan