We have gone to each of four continents, and made a base in that continent. From there, we take little excursions to other countries or cities. We have just arrived to our fourth base, Medellin. Our first was Fuengirola (Spain), next was Zanzibar (Tanzania), third is Ubud (Bali, Indonesia), and now Medellin (Colombia). We are now in the homestretch till home, and I am very excited.

Both planes from Mexico to Colombia were nice, and one of them was domestic. I love domestic flights. Getting on and off the plane is so easy!!!!! When we arrived in Medellin, we went straight to the exit (domestic, so no security or immigration!!!!!). We met our grandfather at the exit who came to pick us up. We took a bus, then a taxi, and arrived at our place.

Last time we went to Medellin, we went to this area all the time!!! Our favorite restaurant is right next door, and the exersise gym is a jog away!!! We quickly settled in, and rested in our place happily.

Below: Pictures from the plane (from dusk to dawn to landing)