Food around the world can involve some questionable ingredients. For me, those ingredients are insects. Colombians like very black dark coffee, and some of them like balled-up sweet ants. Today, Abuelo brought us a packet of those ants. They are sold on the streets to tourists.

He opened the packet and handed a couple to each of us. I could not bear the sight of them. I can never put creepy-crawlies down my throat. The only one of all five of us who could muster the courage to consume an ant was Janet. She attempted to swallow two of them. She very nearly succeeded. She got them down into her throat, but then she felt their legs touching the inside of her throat. She gagged and hacked them up out of her esophagus. Meanwhile, Abuelo was just crunching up the little critters like they were croutons. I shuddered at the sight of the ants.

Later that day, we enjoyed a treat much more pleasureable. Colombian desserts. Delicious Colombian desserts. A pudding with pieces of chocolate and peanuts on top, a tiramisu cake, two bowls of caramalized fruit, a delicious chocolate cake filled with cream, and for some reason a plate with a piece of cheese on it. Never mind the cheese. It was amazing. On the entire outing we only spoke Spanish. It felt like my tongue was evolving to speak Spanish. And I can feel it improving. It will be good practice and fun to speak Spanish a lot. It is amazing to be in Colombia!

Below: Abuelo and Delicious Dessert

Below: Ants