Two years ago, Janet, Kieran, and I went to Colombia. We stayed in the neighborhood we are staying in right now, not far away from the house we are staying in right now. Today, we went to a park with exercise equipment. I had been there before on my earlier trip and when we were walking there I saw so many familiar things.

We on purpose chose our house to be in this neighborhood because we loved it so much. And, apparently, we got an Airbnb that holds 8 people, we get it for 3 whole weeks, and it’s next to our favorite restaurant: Mundo Verde. For every turn I take, it’s like there’s one little aspect that I remember.

I’m excited to do stuff that I have not done in this neighborhood as well as doing stuff that I have done and remembering it. I can’t wait to go to Mundo Verde again, stroll around the neighborhood, and just chill and do school work.

Below: Mundo Verde

Below: The Park