We have been to Medellin and Bogota other times, and met people from other lines of our family. These include our grandfather’s (Hector) siblings’ children, second cousins, and lot of others. Since my grandfather has eight siblings, it makes everything so much more confusing. Today, we met some of that extended family.

We had been wanting to watch a soccer game at a stadium in Medellin, and today we made it happen. The tickets were a gift from my grandfather. Seven of us went: one of Hector’s siblings (Ivan), Alex, Jasper, Julien, one of my uncles (David), one of my second cousins (Juan Carlos), and me. We all squeezed up in the car, and drove to the stadium. We went through security, and headed to our seats. The game started and I cheered loudly. I had never been so excited nor interested in futbol (soccer) games! It was 1-1 at the start (Medellin vs a different city in Colombia called Cali), but at the last 20 minutes Cali scored two more goals!!!!! Soon after the game, the coach of the Medellin team resigned.

I got a little bit of a sore throat from cheering, but it was worth it.

Below: The Soccer Game