At the Alvear Winery in Spain, we learned a bit about where we came from, and met some relatives from Alex’s side of the family. Then in France, Alsace, we learned a bit about Janet’s side of the family and met some relatives from Janet’s side of the family.

Now, here in Colombia, we have met 14 relatives from Alex’s side of the family. We have met Pilar (Alex’s mom), Hector (Alex’s Dad), Ivan (Alex’s Uncle), Jilma (Alex’s Aunt), Claus Billy (Alex’s Cousin, Son of Jilma), Heinz (Alex’s Cousin, Son of Jilma), Roland (Alex’s Cousin, Son of Jilma), Andrea (Alex’s Cousin, Wife of Roland), Marie Alexandra (Alex’s Cousin, Daughter of Jilma), Jimena (Alex’s Cousin, Daughter of Ivan), David (Alex’s Brother), Marta (Alex’s Aunt), Juan Carlos (Alex’s Cousin, Son of Carlos), and Nico (My Second Cousin, Son of Roland). We have all met several times in many different places. If you think about it, that’s a lot of relatives.

Having so many relatives in Colombia is nice because I am meeting so many people and there is a lot people to talk to and to learn things from them. But, at the same time, it’s a bit overwhelming with me sitting with 8-14 people around talking with so much going on. But, I think the Pros beat the Cons.

It feels quite comforting having a family around me, but a bit confusing since I don’t know all the family members. We are in Colombia for 3 weeks, so it’s nice having some company.