I got very excited when I realized it was my birthday!!! I had no idea what the suprise was, and it was killing me to know! We drove up to a hill and talked around in that area. We were given two beautiful books, both having 100s of pictures!!! There were two people in green, and I was very curious who they were.

The hill was in the center of Medellin, so there were viewpoints everywhere. At the main viewpoint, the people in green (Santiago and Manuela) were setting up a box of some type, which I found no use for. It poured on us a couple of times, so we had to go undercover. It turned out that the box was for puppets. They played a cute little puppet show for us. After that, we had some fun doing face painting. We both did trees to match and that was one of my favorite things. But my favorite was the balloon making. It was not exactly having the balloons, but twisting them to make different things. We did some challenges and games in the meanwhile, until a big thunderstorm approached. We ran quickly for cover and made it just in time.

We came to a restaurant, in which we sat down. And in the middle of the table was The Cake… yay!!! We ordered some arepas with cheese, and played around with our balloons. We stuffed ourselves completely with arepas, and then… more food, tomato soup!!! We tried to eat our tomato soup and then hey… a big bowl with lettuce and chips!!! We were too full to eat any of that, and had to wait a whole hour staring at the delicious cake while the grown-ups talked and talked and talked. The moment finally came and we ate up (only) one quarter of the cake. We drove home stuffed to the brim, and had a nice relaxing good night’s sleep.