Throughout this journey, starting in London, I have loved security cameras. There are thousands of different types of security cameras, and they vary between the country. The best place I find them is on big highway intersections where they have these big posts of security cameras which are covered them. The most commonly seen cameras for me are something called dome cameras.

What I enjoy about them is that it is nice knowing that that someone may be on the other side, but I am guessing there usually isn’t. I think that I have waved at more than 50% of security cameras that I have noticed, and now it’s just a habit! I haved waved at security cameras in the Tower of London, the British Museum, La Mezquita, Castle Sohail, Venice, The Coloseum, Heidelberg Castle, Serengeti, Stone Town, Dubai Mall, Taj Mahal, Hong Kong, Forbidden Palace, Kyoto, Nara Deer Park, Pearl Harbor, Pyramid of the Sun, etc.

But I have also learned that they can be used to create a surveillance state and control people. So security cameras can be used for good or bad things.

Below: Security cameras in Tian’anmen Square

Below: Saying hi to a security camera