We have a lovely, beautiful house here in Medellin. It’s really nice because it’s in our favorite neighborhood El Poblado, it’s surrounded by coffee shops, and it’s next to our favorite restaurant in Medellin. It also can hold up to 8 people. Our house has a lot of plants on the windows, at the entrance, and even in the house.

However, there are some problems. Our restauraunt neighbors and our downstairs neighbors make a lot of noise late into the night, so it’s never easy to get a perfectly chill time to go to sleep at night. There are two more problems: the shortage of utensils and the always-dirty floor. The utensils are a problem because the amount of utensils, plates and bowls is an average amount for four people. And this place houses 8 (Pilar is also with us in the same house)!!! The always-dirty floor is the main problem. Whenever I get on the couch I first have to thoroughly scrape all the gunk of my feet. This is not just one person, but somehow there is always dirt. Even after we sweep, after like 5 minutes it seems as if the floor is just like how it was. But the problems are not that bad, so we cope with them.

We are mostly going to chill and study, like in Fuengirola and Ubud. So far, time has been flying by and I have been very productive. But we have also done a whole ton of stuff.