Throughout this journey, I have loved chasing pigeons. I know it is a little bit cruel… but I have reason!!! I am not the only one with cruel properties, as the pigeons also have theirs. They conquer our land, steal our food, and do everything else monsters do!!! I am the savior of this time, and I rid the world from the monstrous pigeons that come, so you may thank me with grace, for all is saved. I haved rid this world of hundreds of pigeons (when I say “rid” I mean chased) and their evilness with each of them. To get them to go quickly, you have to charge. These beasts come in packs which are most commonly found in the dark cloudy skies of Europe. And the last I have to say, is to warn you to be careful, for monsters are out there.

Below: The savior ridding this world from monsters