The last time I was in Medellin, I remember I had a great time spending time with family and exploring Medellin. Today held images of my past trip here.

The Parque Explora is an interactive science museum, my second favorite in the world, right behind the Tech-no-rama in Zurich (read my other post: Science and Cookies). There are opportunities to learn, play, and have all the fun in a week. Me as a little kid could have stayed there all day.

It was a massive complex, divided into six distinct sections, each one holding a neat aspect of the museum. There was Music, Mind, Time, The Stage, The Outdoor Area, and The Aquarium. But the part that fascinated me the most was the outdoor area. It was the place that I had the most memories of. On their previous visit to Colombia, Jasper and Kieran went to the Parque Explora and had a lot of fun. I didn’t remember that it existed, and assumed that I had never been there. But the second that we got there, there was just something familiar about it. I remembered the layout of the outdoor area so well, and I also remembered watching a ball rolling down a Path of Archimedes.

I had a lot of fun playing, learning, and remembering things from my past visit to the Parque Explora. I wonder if anything else in Medellin will spark memories for me?

Below: Explora Pictures



Below: Walking down a hallway; looking down the hallway