Today marks twenty-five years that Janet and I have been together (twenty-one of which have been married). That makes our relationship as old as Pulp Fiction, though not as old as Back to the Future.

We met when we were just seventeen and eighteen; and the older I get, the more indescribable this feeling of being together becomes. But she and I, we know. A great paradox of the love we’ve known is that we are each complete in our own right, and yet because of each other, we’ve become more than we could ever have been on our own. She’s the yin to my yang, the meow that engenders my fiercest support, the mother of dragons… after all, we do have three lovely spitfires together.

I am so honored and completely twitterpated to share a life with you, Janet. Even after twenty-five years — and especially after twenty-five years. You are a strong, smart, compassionate, beautiful, and all around incredible human being. We keep discovering new things together, new ways of being, new ways of growing — sometimes in delightful and easy ways, and at others by some hard and meandering course where “sugarcane is sweetest at the joint” — but we always seek our way back to each other again, and I fall in love with you in old and new ways alike each time. Thank you for always choosing and believing in me in turn.

It’s all too fitting that ours has been a journey of 25,000 miles (the circumference of the Earth) this year to mark 25 years together. It appears we do indeed love each other all the way to Zanzibar… and back!

It is difficult to imagine worldschooling for a year as we are without such a solid and intuitive partner. When asked by others who are contemplating a similar adventure if we have any suggestions, my answer is much the same for travelling as for life: figure out what you want to do and why; then toss out the guidebooks, and do it your way.

Here’s to twenty-five years of doing it our way, Kits, and to twenty-five more. I love you!