We have so much family in Colombia. Second cousins, second cousins once removed, grandparents, and so many more. We have met in Medellin more family than I can count! Social gatherings are a great time to connect and get to know other family members.

We met distant family today, making our way over to their apartment to meet with them, enjoy a dinner, and chat with new people. The two people we really talked and spent time with were Samuel and Alejandro. We had never met them before, and yet we spent so much time together. Samuel plays Magic the Gathering and has a fascination for history, so we talked a lot with him about Roman and Chinese history. Alejandro likes math (just like me) and showed us neat puzzles on scratch paper. He even taught Kieran a magic trick that he is now very eager to show me.

We talked, geeked out about history, laughed at the solutions to puzzles, snacked (on yummy mustard ham bits, little cookies, and mango slices), and finally settled around the table with two chocolate cakes. In honor of Jasper and Kieran’s 10th birthday (now an entire decade old!), Abuelo had bought them wonderful cakes for the company to eat for dessert, complete with extra fiery candles (pictures below).

Next time I come to Colombia, maybe I can see bring my Magic cards, see Samuel and Alejandro, and play with them!

Below: Fiery Candles